9th. Children's Theather Festival Zvezdariste, 15 - 21. april 2011.
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City Municipality of Zvezdara  is proud to announce the 9th Children Theatre Festival "Pozorište Zvezdarište" which will be held from 15 to 21 April at the Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadžić" under the slogan "Let's shine to the stars".

The symbol and trademark of the 9th ZVEZDARIŠTE is a Firefly. This fascinating little creature, strange and mysterious, is a symbol of inner light, beauty, spirituality and inspiration, hopes, ideas ...

Each of us is a little firefly. So free your light, shine with creativity, beauty, goodness and light up to the stars! What is in us will always shine for us and those around us:)

The festival will officially be open with the "Twinkle" in front of the "Vuk Karadzic" on Friday, 15 April at 11 o'clock, and the first performance of "Cow on the Moon" the Budapest Puppet Theatre and the Zagreb Puppet Theatre begins at 12 am on the big stage of "Vuk Karadzic".

At the 9th ZVEZDARIŠTE you can expect:

  • 17 theater performances for children and young people from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Montenegro (14 in the competition, selected by Momcilo Kovačevič and 3 review)
  • Regional Conference for young theatrical producers and managers in culture, in cooperation with Serbian ASSITEJ on "Current theater culture for children and young people and projects for a better perspective of youth in the region"
    Speakers, panelists and workshop speakers will be Svetlana Jovičić, Anja Suša, Lola Joksimović and Predrag Cvetičanin.
  • Exhibition of Children's Theatre Subotica and Puppet Theatre "Kever Bela" from Szeged (theatrical puppets and costumes, photographs and posters) - CUL-TOUR project under the EU's IPA program.
  • The three-day workshop for high school  students, which will be led by drama educators from Istrian National Theatre in Pula, and meeting of Istrian leaders of drama educators with speakers of forum theater from Serbia
  • Art interactive workshop "Light in the hands" realized by students and teachers of the School of Arts and Crafts from Šabac
  • and many other interesting programs for children and adults that will take place daily in front of the Municipality of Zvezdara.

9th Zvezdarište and  City Municipality of Zvezdara join the campaign for the candidacy of Belgrade for cultural capital of Europe 2020, so during the festival ,the project Belgrade 2020,will be actively promoted.

"Светлосни перформанс" - Радио.НицаOne of the central events of 9th ZVEZDARIŠTE will be "Light performance" in front of the Municipality of Zvezdara and "Vuk Karadžić".

The performance was created by the members of art group Радио.Ница led by theater director Nikola Zavišić.

Radio.Nica” is an informal group of young artists gathered during the last two ZVEZDARIŠTE at the free workshops, "The space of light – the light of space" led by Nikola Zavišić.

"Zvezdarište" and "Radio.Nica" invite citizens of Belgrade to come to the square in front of Cultural Centre "Vuk Karadžić" on 17th April at 9pm with their children and friends and actively participate in the artistic performance traveling through a maze of interesting light installation and stories.

Festival Director
Vesna Petrović Urošević

Tickets for all performances
can be booked and purchased
at the box office "Vuk Karadzic"
at a price of 400 RSD.

Shine up to the Stars!

38 theaters, from seven countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro), with 43 plays from 27 cities (Bugojno, Budapest, Belgrade, Bjelovar, Zagreb, Zrenjanin, Jagodina, Karlovac, Kragujevac, Kruševac, Lazarevac, Laktaši, Leće, Ljubljana, Maribor, Mostar, Niš, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Priština, Rijeka, Sarajevo, Slavonski Brod, Smederevo, Split, Subotica, Ugljevik) applied for participation at the 9th Theatre Festival "Pozorište Zvezdarište".
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Ilustration: Маја Veselinović