9 - 16 April 2009
UK ” Vuk Karadžić” (Cultural Centre ” Vuk Karadžić”)

Address : Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77a


Children’s theatre festival “POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE“ is a competitive festival which presents the best stage performances within theatrical production for children, in Serbia and surrounding countries.

The initiative to establish the festival was launched by actress Olivera Viktorović; journalist Tanja Peternek came up with the name and thus became the part of its history as “festival’s  Godmother”. The establishment of our festival was also supported by : Svetlana Velmar-Janković, Radmila Hrustanović, Željko Hubač, Nebojša Romčević... The idea was to organize a festival in order to affirm and stimulate theatrical creativity for the youngest and help correct injustice done by treating cultural events for children as if they were of secondary importance..

This is how, with the handful of best wishes, great plans and a lot of enthusiasm, the story of Zvezdarište began. The festival was established in 2003 by The Municipality of Zvezdara.

The festival is a member of International association of theaters for children and young people (ASSITEJ). Since 2007 it has been held with the support of The Secretariat for Culture of The Belgrade City Assembly and since 2008 with the support of The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

The goals of the festival are : development and nurture of cultural habits among the youngest and affirmation of the influence which a theatre has on the up-bringing and education as an important cultural activity and space in which new knowledge is acquired creatively; stimulation of mutual friendliness, cooperation and exchange of experiences of theatrical artists from different environments and creation of a special forum for the exchange of experiences, which will enable faster integration of national artists and children’s theatres into European and world trends.

Festival is selective and competitive. Festival’s selector, after seeing and giving his expert evaluation of all the plays which entered the competition, invites the most qualitative ones.

The following plays are performed at “Zvezdarište“ :

  • puppet shows, drama and combined forms
  • plays by classical theatres and plays which belong to new theatrical tendencies
  • verbal and non-verbal theatre (theatre of shadows, theatre of movement, dance theatre,…)
  • plays for children of all ages - from the youngest ones to teenagers

The festival has an expert jury which consists of theatrical artists and a children’s jury ( as a sign of respect and esteem of children’s opinion as target audience). The expert jury awards 7 prizes in the following categories :

  • Best Play Of The Festival
  • Best Script
  • Best Direction
  • Best Female Performance
  • Best Male Performance
  • Best Design
  • Best Puppet Animation

And the children’s jury awards 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for the entire play. The expert jury prizes consist of a diploma and prize money, and children’s jury awards of a diploma and a child’s drawing. Since 2008, we included the audience award.
In the foreground, the festival is organized for pre-school children and primary school children and indirectly for parents, pre-school and primary school teachers ( the ones who take care of proper and healthy growing-up of children, suggesting qualitative cultural activities to them).

Wanting to make cultural activities available to as many children as possible, we decided to make tickets prices very accessible ( 250 dinars), and a large number of tickets is given for free to children’s homes and children in foster families, refugee camps, children with special needs and children from destitute families. The complementary programmes, which will take place on the square in front of The Municipality of Zvezdara, are also free for all visitors.

Festival Council :

Milan Popović
Olivera  Viktorović
Tanja Peternek-Aleksić
Ljiljana Marinković
Željko Hubač

The Expert Jury:

Gorčin Stojanović, Director
Dragana Bošković, Writer
Ljiljana Blagojevič, Actress

Children Jury:

Sara Popović, 3rd grade, "Ćirilo i Metodije" primary school
Ljubica Jovanović, 4th grade, "Ivan Goran Kovačić" primary school
Vladimir Mitrič, 6th grade, "Ivan Goran Kovačić" primary school