This year’s 6th festival is inspired by the slogan THE WORLD IS YOUR HOME in celebration of 2008 as the year of multiculturalism.

We seek to capitalize on this opportunity by fusing a variety of international cultures and highlighting the universal values present in each culture. Every culture possesses its own folklore, poetry and mythology, which represent its cultural heritage.
It’s our wish that children from every country feel at home in the presence of every culture and its universal values.

Given the turbulence of today’s world, we are aware that many children do not have an equal opportunity of attaining happiness. This is why we are striving to highlight the universal cross culture values that actually bring people together.

Свечано отварање мјузикл за децу

The official opening
Mila's Little Job
The children's rock-and-roll musical
For these reasons a key component of the Festival’s program will be the roundtable discussion multicultural theatre which will be chaired by Ivana Vujić, the director and professor in the Faculty of Dramatic art in Belgrade and participants are: artists, festival’s guests, the foreign cultural center and embassy representatives, and other children authors. This discussion will be open for public.


10 th -17 th APRIL 2008
Cultural Center „Vuk Karadžić“, King Aleksandar Boulevard 77A

The Festival „Pozorište Zvezdarište“is the competitive children's festival in Serbia and region. It proudly showcases the most creative children's theatrical productions. The festival was founded with the goal of enriching cultural lives of youngsters. It represents relevant and important plays in domestic and regional theatre productions. By attracting the most significant drama projects „Pozorište Zvezdarište“ aims to stimulate children's theatres and makes them sustainable. This festival seeks to reinforce the value of theatre as an engine of creativity, thereby developing healthy cultural habits among youngsters. A further goal of the festival is to provide the platform and advancement of creative values into cultural exchange and the sharing a wealth of differing theatrical experiences. The founder of the festival „Pozorište Zvezdarište“ is The Municipality of Zvezdara (when translated into English, Zvezdara means ”viewing gallery of the stars”, because it also hosts one of the oldest observatories in Serbia… and hence our wonderfull festival's name.)

The idea of the festival was catalyzed by Ms. Olivera Viktorović, famous actress and the director of children's theatre “ The Pan Theatre” who has attracted the support of some of Serbia's leading cultural figures, namely: Ms. Svetlana Velmar Janković (writer), Radmila Hrustanović (the former mayor of Belgrade), Ms. Tanja Peternek Aleksić (journalist), Mr. Željko Hubač (playwright and the selector of the festival) and Nebojša Romčević (playwright) .

The festival resonates with a competitive spirit and the selector invites only the most creative children's theatre productions and includes puppet thoeatre and dance performances in it's repertoire.

„Pozorište Zvezdarište“ festival is supervised by a panel of jurors, composed of theatre professionals. Simultaneously the children's jury is also empanelled, which is a logical extension as the theatre belongs to youngsters.

The expert's jury allots 7 prizes in following categories for the best: play, text, direction, male and female role, design and puppet animation. The children's jury awards prizes for the three best plays. Each expert's jury award, consists of the diploma and financial prize, whereas the children's jury award, consists of diplomas and art work.

The target audience of „Pozorište Zvezdarište“ are youngsters of pre-school and primary school age. Naturally, the festival also attracts the patronage of parents, guardians and educators.

Over the years, the festival has developed the keen following amongst theatre and performing arts professionals through the region.

Through goodwill of our sponsors, the ticket prices are set at affordable levels.

The generous support of our sponsors has also ensured that certain percentages of the festival's tickets are donated to socio-economically disadvantaged children.

„Pozorište Zvezdarište“ for the first time has the honor in 2008 to represent its own theatre production.

The opening ceremony will be held “under the stars” on the 10 th of April at 7 p.m. with special rock'n'roll musical “Mila's little job” directed by Ivan Jevtović. (in the case of the rain, on the stage of the Cultural center “Vuk Karadžić”)

The first performance in the competitive part of the festival is „The wizard of Oz“on 10 th of April in the production of “The Theatre of Kru ševac ”.„Pozorište Zvezdarište“ Festival will be closed by Croatia 's “Dubrava Theatre” production of “The twin sisters” on 16 th of April.

Between 1 and 5 p.m. , each day of the festival shall be enriched with the diverse cultural program which has been organized in cooperation with embassies and foreign cultural centers and will be free of charge for all festival's attendees.

We look forward to seeing your smiles of exhilaration at the „Pozorište Zvezdarište“ Festival where “The world is your home”.

Festival’s selector
Željko Hubač

The Expert jury
Stevan Bodroža, director
Dušan Spasojević , playwright
Branka Pujić , actress

Children’s jury
Anja Vesić, Mateja Jovanović and Lana Radnić

The Festival’s Council

Milan Popović
Olivera Viktorović
Tanja Peternek Aleksić
Ljiljana Marinković
Aleksandar Đorđević




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